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Apparently the Zucc is the reason Vine went kill

the year is 2118. Tumblr, owned by Yahoo!, which is in turn owned by Google (property of Alphabet, Inc.), has purchased the earth. it is illegal to have nipples. anyone taking a shower in the nude is reported to Tumblr HQ and guillotined.'s video player still sucks ass

I am sorry, I didn't explain clearly battery drain profiles.
The normal profile is the default one, with all live notifications even if the app is killed.
The medium profile, will allow live notifications only if the app is running.
The low battery profile will disable every live updates, even if the app is working or not.

Coinbase accidentally leaked an imminent Zcash listing this morning, and boiii am I glad I noticed it earlier.

Millennial Jesus can turn Lunch into Dinner by only eating half of it.

nothing but respect (and visceral terror) for MY cube

An NPM package with 2,000,000 weekly downloads had malicious code injected into it. No one knows what the malicious code does yet.

(via 🐦gerybernhardt)

And with updated preview window, it's pretty much entered RC stage.
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