i created the lunix operation system

Small town Missouri is a mysterious place

Just got hit with a 27.6% import tax on goods I purchased back in August. Merry Xmas to me! Thanks Trump.

@feld @jeff soon, your grandma will *have* *to* write kernel drivers without having to worry about use after free, just so her fridge won't attack her while she sleeps.

I log on twitter and I see the 2nd best post of the year...............

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Remember when I got a cell phone that's also a fidget spinner

Wait, Mercury is in gatorade?

Is that like some weird variation on piss christ?

Apparently the Zucc is the reason Vine went kill

the year is 2118. Tumblr, owned by Yahoo!, which is in turn owned by Google (property of Alphabet, Inc.), has purchased the earth. it is illegal to have nipples. anyone taking a shower in the nude is reported to Tumblr HQ and guillotined. tumblr.com's video player still sucks ass

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